There are times that we just don’t know how to express ourselves in a situation that is not expected or wanted even though we know how to. Our minds go blank, we become impulsive, we become blinded by our emotions and the results of those actions are regrettable. We say “why did I do this?” “why did I do something so stupid?” “I should’ve known better”.

That’s why never decide when you’re in a state of having a typhoon of emotions. Stop. Think. Understand. 

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A soft sound
To the way that she wears her hair down
Covering up her face.


After a month! I’m finally back from my unannounced hiatus. Blame college yet again for the absence. It all started with the integration practices and all the college work involved. I might share my experiences from last month when I’m in the mood. Anyway, it’s the season for midterms in San Beda Alabang and I’m nervous as hell because I want to get high marks and yes I’m feeling a lot of pressure right now which is not a great feeling at all.

Nevertheless, I missed blogging! I missed sharing snippets of my life with you dearies. I’ll be a mushroom for now, popping out of nowhere in tumblr. Take care! x

(The photos above are from the shoot with Andrea Genota. I’ll be posting more soon)

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  • How long has it been? weeks? a month? I don’t know about you but I missed blogging! A lot has happened by the way
  • Went to San Beda Alabang last week for enrollment. Yes, you’ll be seeing me a lot at Alabang my friends.
  • Been loving Vietnamese pho more than ever. I can finish one big bowl full of pho okay.
  • I don’t know why I didn’t change my smile on the photos above. Do I look demure? meh
  • It’s our FOP on June 9-10 and I feel nervous about it.
  • Have you been following my social accounts? No? Okay then Yes? Good for you :-b I’m just kidding

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Cute does not go well with Kaila

Yes it is I, trying to look nice while touching things. Oh and hey my hair’s getting longer

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Anonymous said: I just want to ask what is your tips for a balanced diet for our age (our because I think we're born in the same year 1996? hehe) and also do you know what products to use to have a healthy and young looking face and body? :)

(panics on how to answer this message hahaha) Hmm for a balanced diet, I really don’t have a diet program that I follow but I advice that whenever you eat don’t get too greedy except for cheat day ;) I do this though:

Breakfast: Fruits, oatmeal or wheat bread + whatever fruit jam you want, milk/water

Lunch: A cup of rice is all you need but nowadays I only do half a cup, chicken, fish, vegetables (always), If you still get a little bit hungry you can eat more fish, chicken or veggies to refrain from getting another round of rice or eat tons of fruits after.

Snacks: Fruits, biscuits. Avoid junk food!

Dinner: Salad or oatmeal is what I do this days. I don’t eat rice at dinner

Oh here’s a tip, be sure that after 6pm don’t eat heavy meals, it will help you avoid being bloated, also avoid instant food :) PLUS DRINK LOTS OF WATER

For beauty products, I don’t use a lot since most of them are harmful but I recommend organic products..purely organic products for your skin(be sure to check the ingredients) but it’s kind of pricey :( Anyway, I only use a green tea cleanser or Dove for cleaning my face, Belo essentials toner then finish it off with Garnier Multi-Action Whitening Moisturizing cream. If you have a breakout or pimples you can use any of these products, Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil or Sulfur San-ing Cream (Available at Mercury Drug stores). I highly recommend the second one because it’s really effective and it has a reasonable price.To exfoliate, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub twice a week. And I use a lemon too if I get lazy. Cut a lemon in half. Keep the other half inside the fridge then the other one..rub it all over your face in a circular motion and leave it on your skin for 10 mins. After that you can rinse it all off. You can also scrub this on parts of your body like your pits and elbows. This helps you get lighter and smoother skin. Do this 3 times a week if you prefer the lemon way :)

There’s no products that are good for having a healthy body though. Just do exercise, eat healthy, drink tons of water. That goes the same for having a younger looking face too, don’t sleep too late, always clean your face and make this a habit. The products I recommended are suitable for my skin so if it isn’t for your skin try another product ok? I hope I was able to help in a way! Haha :)



Just letting it out

A guy chatted me on Facebook. I accepted his friend request since he knows some people that I know personally I guess. Okay so, he wants to be friends all of a sudden I told him that there’s no need to rush and I only think of him as an acquaintance. Then he keeps on asking “friends na ba tayo?” (are we friends yet?) after just an hour or so of a conversation full of questions and I repeated what I said to him again. To be honest I was getting annoyed with him because he keeps on saying his good qualities more like he’s rubbing it on my face and I find it irritating and kind of plastic because in the first place he doesn’t need to tell what kind of person he is for I will find it by myself sooner or later right? 

Later on he asked me if it’s okay for him to introduce himself and show himself to me, I was typing my reply which was I don’t know when he sent another message saying that’s he’s a good boy and he’s not a criminal or something. My inner bitch mode got turned on..I’m sorry but I don’t know why so I replied saying Did I say something like that? and he said that he wants his image to appear normal to me and so I said why are you even assuming that? why are you forcing yourself? you just have to let things flow and not rush then he said you’re right but girls are expecting this and that, i’m just saying that I can provide for the girl I love travel with the girl I love! I’m just telling not boasting. (His reply made me more UGH cause some of his replies are out of place) I replied again saying that he doesn’t need to tell me that and you’re just aiming for friends right? I don’t get his motive and the things that he says doesn’t do anything for me to change my mind about rushing in to friends and yes us girls expect at times but why is he saying it that way? we don’t need to know need to know all the good in you cause we are open to whatever good or evil you have and you don’t need to flatter us all the time or say the things you thought that we want to hear because we will notice that you’re being plastic or unoriginal. So yeah I’m happy he understood that and yes I can say that he’s nice in a way. Because I don’t really need heaps of compliments or saying that’s he’s nice or he’s sweet or blah.

I just want to share this and sorry if I’m a bitch at times because some of his reasoning or explanations are somewhat shallow for me. But I hope he changes in a way :)

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