We were in a limitless moment with the sky. My mind was empty, my heart feeling light and my body was relaxed. I changed.

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Before Midnight

Listening to AM’s album, I’m late but it’s better than never

Longing for Ed Westwick

Will get back to my Gossip Girl Prequel reading

Having the road trip itch

Versatile outfit ideas for tomorrow’s shoot

Enjoying puns with friends

Trying to figure out what I want for real

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Las Vegas photos grabbed from my dad (Paul Kenneth Soliman) 

As none of you know, my dad flew to U.S last week (can’t believe that it’s been a week already) seeking for new job opportunities, adventure and to visit some friends and relatives. Yes I’m jealous but I’m happy for my father for being there..he’s killing me by posting tons of photos on Facebook and of course his photography skills continues to amaze me. I miss you daddy-o! 

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Close up Forever Summer (April 5, 2014) @ Circuit Makati

Yes my photos are not the best and yes you can check out other bloggers who posted about this or the main Close up site (the closer the better lol) I mostly took videos because I was dancing and walking around the whole night and was not that up for photo sessions. 

No we didn’t wait for the gates to open at  2pm for I was in a model workshop with JRP during that time so my friends picked me up at around 6pm in SM Makati and drove all the way to Circuit Makati.It almost took an hour to get there because of the severe traffic and that’s when we saw peeps walking on the road with neon bracelets and we decided to get out of the car and walk with them to the venue. The parking lot was packed with youngsters and adults waiting for who knows what. Someone even stopped us to ask if we sell extra tickets..no we don’t and continued walking. My insides were tingling as we skipped/walked near the stage for it was like day-dreaming all over again but this time it was true big thanks to the man above! It was sort of boring at first but as the night progressed..DJ Helena, Alesso and Deniz Koyu changed the whole atmosphere! I was more intoxicated with Alesso’s set of course gosh that 2 hours of Alesso was awesome indeed.

I wish to rave more and go to events like this again. EMF 2 I suppose? Armin? The possibilities are endless!


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Anonymous said: State bloggers you want to meet in person :-)

Hmm, myself hahahahaha kidd. 

  • Pat - Papatrazzi
  • Camie -Wild-spirit
  • Camille -Camille-daily
  • Ina Gabrielle- Ohyesheis
  • Reyl -Brokenreylroad

That’s it for now haha :)


First of all…

Why didn’t PH win at Asia’s Next Top Model? I mean seriously, W H Y. I have a thing for the Malaysian lady too but still..okay, no more I’ve had my moment in a social networking site last night. 

I’m up and about preparing for a go see this afternoon and sipping my tea to avoid that bloated view in front of the camera later. I’m somewhat nervous for later and I don’t get this feeling a lot when I go to auditions or VTR or castings. Hmm, God surprise me.

Here I am typing this post inserting random thoughts and I don’t blame you if you get confused while reading this post. Gosh, why am I such a scatter-brained lass. Ohh lassie, now that’s a nice word. (See my point) So, I realized some things earlier or some random thoughts again..

  • I am now in-love with Makati and there’s no need to explain why.
  • Wet look isn’t my best asset. I look like an arse
  • Speaking of arse, It has come to my attention that I don’t do squats anymore. Now that explains my unattractive bottom.
  • Filipinos are seriously taking their meme game in a whole new level. It is simply entertaining but after awhile it sucks.
  • Wanderland ticket price..let’s kill each other. 
  • I need Alesso inside my room
  • F21 sale, I expect everything to be 200 php and below if not well damn you. I’ll dream on
  • I am starting to have a crush on a non-fictional person..or maybe not
  • I need to have a beach house before I die.
  • Why is everything so *insert the most appropriate swear here* expensive.
  • Someone said I changed, good or bad? whatvevs

I’m done. 

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Alesso - Close up Forever Summer

May I replay all of this again? *fist pump* So yes, I went to Close up Forever Summer’s Event and here is a very shaky video of mine while getting lost to Alesso. x

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Anonymous said: How are you and your boyfriend?

I don’t have one anymore 

Anonymous said: Hi Kaila! If you don't mind, what is the unit of your phone? Bc I love the quality of your photos on your ig. Stay pretty x

I love you for loving it haha! ;) My phone is just an ordinary Arc Mobile android phone. It has an “okay” camera and I have to make sure that when I take a photo I have to focus on the object properly and the place has to have a good lighting. Vsco cam helps me a lot too. Some of the photos on my ig are also taken by my iPad & fuji cam :-) Thank you again anon! x